Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's a warm Thursday night out and the Bulls just opened a can of whoop ass on the Warriors so there is bound to be some drankin' goin on tonight.

10:37 - Kedzie and Carroll - woman down on the street, bleeding. Caller states woman was beaten with a tire iron. Victim is laying in front of a vehicle in the street. Victim is in mid to late twenties.

10:40 - Unit called to 10:37 call is looking for a male black, name is David Crawford and is driving a black Chevy Tahoe.

10:41 - 2016 W. St. Louis - suspicious person in alley

10:55 - Eastbound on Warren from Western - Footchase. black jacket, blue jeans, white shoes.

10:57 - 2251 W. Warren - offender in custody.

11:06 - Western and North. Going south on Western. DUI driver in a red pick up truck

11:07 - Allen and Milwaukee - people in the alley smoking marijuana

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